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Taking care of your little one. Choose our clinic in Kilburn for kids' eyecare

"Very impressed as soon as I walked in. Professional staff made my appointment for the next day, and Mr. Patel did a thorough examination and assessment. A peripheral test was completed 3 days later, and I left today knowing that all is well with the eyes and current prescription. Mr. Patel was also kind enough to refer me for a tear duct issue which my previous optician dismissed as unimportant. Very helpful practice, courteous and re-assuring treatment. Highly recommended."

- Simon OS, Google

Promote the importance of eyecare early!

Unlike us adults, children will rarely know or communicate that they're having issues with their vision. It's only by routine tests that we can determine eye health and make any arrangements we need to in promoting their eyesight for the future. 

Based in Kilburn, S Patel Opticians is all about making your kids' eyecare appointments fun and positive. We want your child to go into their older years with a good impression of the optometrist and getting things right from the get go gives us the best chance of achieving this. Our friendly, enthusiastic team will treat your whole family with the care that they deserve, so there will be no more tears when it comes to the annual check-up. Simply book them in today!

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Amazing rates and frames as unique as them!

What you need to know

  • We see children from the ages of 4/5

  • We'll address any concerns you have to raise

  • Our clinic in Kilburn is set up to create the warm, welcoming atmosphere that your child needs to be open and honest about their sight 

  • Should your child require specs, we have a large selection of gorgeous but durable frames to get them started 

  • We offer fast turnaround times to prevent delays in treatments and eye examinations

Putting your mind at rest

It's fair to say that caring for a child is one of the most rewarding yet worrying things you'll ever have to do, especially when it comes to caring for their health. Although serious eye issues are very rare, our comprehensive checks ensure that any causes for concern are identified and addressed as early on as possible. Should any problems be found, S Patel Opticians will ensure your child receives the excellent support and treatment they need.

Need to book in for your child?

Allow S Patel Opticians to create the best possible experience for your little monster! Book with us today by calling our team in Kilburn, London. 

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